The other side of the Island...

These photos are from the island of Antiparos.

It’s the place that most of the tourists go and watch the sunset, like they are watching a movie in the cinema. So i turned the other way and shoot some pics showing the other side of the island, which for me it’s quite as beautiful!

The Swimmers

These pics came up during a photoshoot with long time friend and founder of WeSwim_Greece, an open water movement, Petros Parthenis.

WeSwim is dedicated to bring people closer to the sea,even during winter time.

The amazing swimming cap was designed by Kanella Arapoglou!

You can find more info about WeSwim ,

Check the outstanding work of Kanella here :

Berlin August 2010

Berlin is one of my favorite cities...                                                                                              

These photos are from August 2010 shot on a panasonic Lumix compact camera . Building my website lead me to these forgotten photos and make me feel a bit nostalgic! Berlin has this feeling that i believe B&W photos express it better. I love color but sometimes B&W has more soul. Hope you enjoy these old ones.